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Faculty Search Committee STRIDE Workshops 2022-2023

This page contains the following information:

STRIDE workshop requirements

  • The STRIDE committee offers workshops focused on diversity issues related to the work of search committees.
  • STEP 1 of a faculty search includes that every UT-affiliated member of a faculty search committee must have attended a STRIDE Workshop after August 2018.
  • Only the Search Committee Chair will be required to meet with an OED (Office of Equity and Diversity) representative unless the requirement is waived by OED. OED will offer sessions for chairs in fall and spring semesters. Learn more about OED workshops. Each college is responsible for having chairs of search committees attend one of these sessions.

STRIDE workshop schedule

Please always check on K@TE for the exact time and location, since we are sometimes required to change the original schedule during the course of the year.

If needed, additional workshops can be scheduled. Please contact us at, if you are not able to find an open workshop and inform us about what type of STRIDE workshop you need to attend.

All workshops will be online using Zoom.

Day  Date Time  Facilitator
Thursday 4-Aug-22 3-5pm Jewel, Brannen
Wednesday 10-Aug-22 10-12pm Olson, Brannen
Monday 15-Aug-22 2-4pm Hall, Ownley
Tuesday 23-Aug-22 12-2pm Philippakos, Olson
Thursday 1-Sep-22 9-11am Brannen, Lowe
Thursday 8-Sep-22 2-4pm Bohon, Ownley
Tuesday 13-Sep-22 3-5pm Hall, Jewel
Wednesday 21-Sep-22 12-2pm Philippakos, Olson
Monday 26-Sep-22 3-5pm Hall, Ownley
Tuesday 11-Oct-22 11:30am-1:30pm Brannen, Lowe
Wednesday 26-Oct-22 10-12pm Jewel, Lowe
Monday 7-Nov-22 12-2pm Jewel, Ownley
Wednesday 18-Jan-23 12-2pm Bohon, Lowe
Monday 13-Feb-23 2-4pm Hall, Olson
Friday 24-Feb-23 12-2pm Jewel, Lowe
Wednesday 22-Mar-23 2-4pm Ownley, Bohon
Tuesday 11-Apr-23 2-4pm Brannen, Ownley
Friday 15-May-23 12-2pm Philippakos, Lowe
Thursday 22-Jun-23 2-4pm Brannen, Ownley

Signing up for STRIDE workshops

The capacity of each workshop is limited to 40, so it is mandatory that you make a reservation. We can not guarantee that your participation will be registered in IRIS if you show up at a workshop without a reservation made with K@TE.

To make a reservation, please use the K@TE system.

  1. Log in to the K@TE system with your NetID and password
  2. Use the search feature to search for “STRIDE”
  3. Select the workshop you wish to attend and sign up.

You will receive an email confirmation of your reservation. You will be required to sign-in at each workshop. After the workshop you will receive an email stating that you participated in the particular workshop and information about your attendance will be updated in IRIS.

Requirements for attending an online Zoom STRIDE workshop

For your participation to be successful in the Zoom STRIDE workshop it is required that you participate from a personal computer, a desktop or a laptop, with a camera and a microphone. Participants are responsible for ensuring that Zoom is installed on their computer and that they have tested the system. If participants encounter any issues using Zoom, contact OIT Help Desk at: (865) 974-9900 for help prior to the Zoom STRIDE session. Participants will receive an email from the Zoom STRIDE workshop facilitator with a link that will provide access to the workshop meeting room.

STRIDE attendance information in IRIS

Information concerning who has previously attended STRIDE workshops can now be obtained from IRIS. To retrieve the information in IRIS requires running the “Attendee’s Training History” report. The IRIS transaction is S_PH9_46000431. Here, you can enter participants’ personnel numbers, select a reporting period (today, current month, current year, etc.), click execute, and training history will appear.  The data can then be exported into an Excel file and filtered to show STRIDE training only.

Alternatively, workshop participants can access their own training in K@TE Workshop participants can access their own STRIDE training as follows.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Help tab on the left side – which has useful answers to many questions
  3. Click “How do I access a complete list of my training history as a UT employee?”
    • To view a complete list of your training history as a UT employee, you will need to access the IRIS Web Portal by logging in with your NetID and password or contact the IRIS specialist in your department for assistance. When logged in to the IRIS Web Portal, click on the “Employee Self-Service” tab and then the “Personal Information” link. This training history will be available after clicking on the “My HR128 Training History” link. Any instructor-led training, online courses and external training that you take or record in K@TE will also be reflected on your IRIS Web Portal training history.
    • If you have a question about your training history, please contact Employee and Organizational Development at 865-974-6657 or email